To Fly

Have you ever thought about flying over water?

It’s time to feel the full experience thrill of Wing Foil.

You may not know it but Wing Foil is inspired by the flight of seagulls.  “If you observe the animal, it has the ability, through its own energy, to harness the force of the wind and stay in the air indefinitely. With a specially designed wing, we could do that too.” Thus Tom Magruder brings to life the “Wind Weapon,” a rigid wing that rotates freely on a board, bringing to life one of the most exciting sports. 

You just have to have the courage to try it and you will never be able to go back.

The package
costing €80

  • 60-minute individual wing foil lesson
  • Equipment needed for the lesson, including wetsuit, life jacket and helmet 
  • Sunbed
  • sandwich 
  • beer or soft drink

So why should you trust us?

Since the sea is our second home, it welcomes us and among the waves we experience emotions that only those who love it can understand. That is why we have made these sports our profession, continuously studying and updating ourselves to offer the best to the athletes who choose to share this passion with us.

Your safety is our priority

At Imparato Surf Beach, your safety comes first. We do everything we can to prevent you from taking risks, and thanks to our experience, we manage to prevent the sport from being dangerous. Plus, our services are fully insured..

Is it your first time?We take care of everything!

If you have never played the sport, don’t worry, we have thought of everything. All you have to do is listen to the instructor and get on your board. The experience of our team will guarantee you safety and professionalism, so that nothing is left to chance and you are guaranteed maximum fun but in total safety. 


Imparato surf beach via Acton 38 Castellammare di Stabia at “La palombara” beach with free shuttle service

How long
is the lesson?

The duration is one hour, the time to book is from 12 noon onwards so that the wind is more sustained

What does the lesson actually entail?

The lesson consists of land-based exercises with elements of theory and water-based exercises for hands-on learning.
Choosing the right equipment can be really complex, and if you are not at a good level, you risk buying items that might only get you into trouble.

For this reason, with the lesson, your instructor selects what he or she feels is most suitable so that you can enjoy your experience 100%!